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November 16, 2010



Who is paying for this in a time of savage cuts? Anyway, I'm booking my holiday for whenever this is.

Phil East

Completely agree veteran, but nice news nonetheless. hopefully will distract everyone when the cuts begin to bite.


Don`t know why tory supporters are so negative about everything. This is good news that should be celebrated not face carping!

John D

In answer to 'Veteran'...
Who's paying for it? Well, us, the taxpayer, obviously.
But so what? This is the wedding of our future King and Queen. This is a moment to celebrate.

Ivor Grudge

Time to elect out Head of State - and stop the whole idea of a Royal Family?

Labour Loyalist

I'm very happy for them both, but there's no way the taxpayer should have to fund this.

Time to elect our Head of State please.


The wedding should more than pay for itself with all the merchandise sold connected to it etc

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