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November 16, 2010


Andrew Smith

Already this morning (Wednesday), BBC News is presenting as fact a statement that the Royal Faily are aware they will have difficulty getting the public to approve the costs of the wedding next year. No doubt the BBC would prefer Prince William to have announced a gay wedding or that he is to become a transvestite.

I submit the public will have no problem with the costs at all - we all need cheering up. I will put forward as a "fact" the proposition that the BBC will spend far more criticising the wedding over the coming year and raking up Diana stories than the whole wedding costs. If there were to be a problem wth fnding it there are 2 methods the public would rally to:

Cut the BBC's revenue to pay for it

A public collection - it would be over subscribed

Ivor Grudge


Mark W

Sorry but in a year when I will probably lose my job as a result of the spending controls I don't agree, the costs should not be extravagent, schools and hospitals and guns and body armour and helicopters comes in front of paying out millions for someones happy day.

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