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November 16, 2010


Ivor Grudge

Well, very nice. Good luck to them.

But why...oh why.....SO many stories about the Royal Family (and people joining the Royal Family) on Conservative Home?

Do we need the views of everyone involved?

The only benefit of relentless, saturation coverage of our undemocratic, eltist system for getting a Heads of State (in waiting) is that people might consider the other options: such as electing our Head of State.

Republic now?

Labour Loyalist

I assume the Windsors and the Middletons will be paying for this wedding themselves?

They wouldn't expect the British taxpayers to pay for the event when we're in such times of austerity, would they?

Victor Southern

Why should you not expect the country to pay some share? It is a Royal Wedding and the marriage of the possible future king. We should not expect this to take place in a registry office with a reception upstairs at the Angry Duck with a cash bar.

This is something we do well. This type of pomp and ceremony attracts millions of overseas vistors who bring money into our economy.

Just because sour little socialists don't like such things is no reason why the country should not enjoy it. Why not object to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo or New Year fireworks - both hugely expensive? Or, perhaps you do. Just pull down the brim of your cloth cap and pretend it is'nt happening.

Labour Loyalist

Typical hypocritical Conservatives.

You bang on about not relying on state handouts, whilst supporting the biggest welfare-dependent family in Britain - the Windsors.

You ask why shouldn't the country pay a share? Firstly, because we're in times of great financial austerity. And secondly, William and Kate are not my family - why the hell should I pay for them! Will the Windsors chip in if one of my nearest and dearest get wed?

I didn't vote for them (nobody did) and they have no mandate to serve. And yet Conservatives still expect everyone to pay for them. I've got a better idea - why don't those monarchists voluntarily pay for the wedding if they care so much, and we republicans can choose to spend our money on something else.

Two Ton Ted

As the father of the bride, the Middletons should pay for the wedding.

Dual Citizen

Congratulations to the happy couple and the proud parents.

Rather than whinge about the cost of the wedding (with the revenues from tourism and merchandise it could easily make a profit for Britain), how about the Government address the issue of the line of succession and ensuring that the first born become the Heir Apparent, regardless of his/her gender? It's highly likely that William and Kate will be starting their own family in the very near future. It would be only fair on the Monarchy to resolve this issue before their first child is born.

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