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November 05, 2010


Ivor Grudge


We need more stuff like this.

It's relevance can't be understated.


How many did Ashcroft win?

mick brown

I think idea's like this that celebrate British culture, History, Military Service and Sacrifice are ultimatly the best anti-dote to the Leftist 'talk the nation down' merchants in the Labour party and their lunitic extreames.

I find it pathetic the way any association with a certain peers name brings the "creature of the night" Socialists out into the open.



You don't need to have earned (not won) a medal of honour to be able to regard the bravery and sacrifice of these men with absolute awe and humility.

Thank you to Lord Ashcroft for preserving and making such history available.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Hat's off to Lord Ashcroft. By purchasing these VCs he has not only kept an important part of our history and heritage in the Uk but has helped the winners of these crosses or their families when they needed the money.

I do hope that some of his detractors on CH and elsewhere will think a bit better of him now but I am not holding my breath!

Ivor Grudge

And its relevance to UK politics?

Very little.

Victor Southern

Grudge - why should his philanthropy relate to UK politics? He honours our armed forces past and present and has had to bid heavily in some instances to prevent these medals going overseas. He has also repatriated many from foreign countries.

He also financed Crimestoppers - that is also non-political.

It is easy but far too common for little inadequate people to resent the successes of others. Try to grow out of it.

Charles Martel

Nice one Ashcroft.

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