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November 05, 2010


Ivor Grudge

Is there a secret left-wing plot to overthrow capitalism by adopting wider, madder Libertarian (sic) Alliance ideas, so that everything collapses, with revolution being the response (cf The New Statesman tv series) of the masses?

Anonymity is a red herring to the full-blown LA project.

And why do you need the LA when you've got the TPA?


Yes, Ivor Grudge - it's called the EU. OpenEurope's report makes that very clear. Why do you think Cast Iron Dave is going forward with 'Labour's' surveillance state, surrepticiously?


C H Ingoldby

Ivor Grudge, if you think that concerns about Control Orders, State databases and widespread video surveillance are mad then i'm afraid that is you who is the mad one.

air jordans

That was one of the funniest things I think I've ever read.
I'd be honored if you would consider linking your blog to mine
Keep up the good work-- and to the Cons who are complaining, you really need to work a little harder at reading comprehension.

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