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October 21, 2010


Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Whatever one's views on the war in Afghanistan he ought not to have done this . He is there to report not make news.

Lord Palmerston

One of the best things he's done this year.

Geoff M

Good on him.
The lefty agitators can go hang.

Pete Stubbs

Well done Nick. A lot of placard and banner waving morons deserve it. Perhaps you should have shoved it where the light doesn't shine.


It's not very professional behaviour, but then these people are disrupting his profession. (Not that I'm convinced these outside broadcasts are an efficient use of license fee payers' money, mind. Especially when you have Sky News standing so nearby you can actually hear both reporters talking over each other on either channel when they're live.)

Man in a Shed

I still prefer Dave dispatching the Mirror's Chicken.


Well, I can appreciate that Nick Robinson 'loses it' - to use the vernacular - but I cannot see him set anything loose.


Well done Nick!

Iain Gill

sorry he should get done for criminal damage like anyone else would

far too many one rule for us and another for them in this country

David J

The placard wavers were deliberatly trying to disrupt Nick's broadcast. It's about time these rent-a-mob protesters received their due rewards.

Well down Nick

Jack Simpson

lol hilarious


He should get promoted. I think he did the right thing. The BBC is meant to be fair and having anti-tory signs in the backdrop is wrong.

Nick is one of the best at the BBC. He is the most natural.


'Looses the plot'. Was the plot especially tight or something?

Elaine Turner

Nick Robinson tries very hard to cultivate a neutral standpoint on the news he is trying to interpret and report on. He couldn't broadcast with that placard behind him, because it would be presumed he was supporting the standpoint of the placard waverer - so he did the only thing he could, given that he had a broadcast to make.

For others to say it is disgraceful is to the miss the point of his actions completely.


Typical Marxist BBC !

To have broadcast that sign PROVES how biased they are.

Surely it is time to get rid of the BBC altogether and leave the news reporting to News International and Fox.


Let's LOOSE all tight placards.

Sally Roberts

Oh Well Done! Nick Robinson has just gone up in my estimation. I'd like to have seen Tom Bradby do exactly the same thing when one of these muppets was waving a "Cut the War" banner behind him yesterday on ITV News!


Well done - perhaps I have misjudged him all these years


Well done Nick Robinson. You have a job to do which is difficult enough without harassment from these morons.
I am surprised the police did not arrest you as a hard working law abiding citizen. However the Harassment Act 1997 was on your side.

Brian Ripley

The protester with the placard was in a public place. Apparently Nick doesn't believe in free speech. Except for him of course. What a prat.

C H Ingoldby

Good for him, acting like a normal human being in the face of moronic provocation.

Mark W

sticking a placard in front of TV cameras is not free speech, if it was pherhaps we could swear on the news, where would it stop.

Peter McKensie

Ha, ha ... the old Young Tory comes good! Yet another sign that he's definitely one of us even if he does work for the Marxist Broadcasting Corporation.

Stephen W

Good for Nick Robinson! My faith in the BBC is (at least partially) restored.

Free Speech guarantees you a soap-box, not a printing press. If people want to wave placards on video they can buy their own video camera. Sticking yourself into someone else's video is not free speech, it is just rude. It is no more worthy than sticking your face into the background of someone's family photo and making a rude face.

I laughed so much when I saw this. Excellent stuff.

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