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October 23, 2010



Took them a while, didn't it?


Hang On A Minute.

Now that was funny. How could anyone not understand what these signs actually meant to say ? The mind boggles.


Ahhhh hahahaha

Steve Tierney


George Kaplan

Socialist are thick. That's why they still believe in socialism.

Ivor Grudge

Oh so funny!

Normally I'm not sure if articles on ConservativeHome are meant to be satire, or not, but even I spotted that the 'deficit denying dinosaurs' were agent provocateurs!! Tories dressed up as extinct animals! How amusing!!

Crazy George and Dodgy Dave in pantomime dress, perhaps?


The demonstrators (the real, 'human' ones) were right: it's time to fight the insane cuts proposed by the Con-Dems. Nobody is a deficit denier, but cutting so deep, so soon, will cause mayhem. Growth will stop. Government income from taxation will fall. More companies will go bust. Unemployment will rise. Read the excellent articles in the present edition of the @new Statesman' or Compass web-site.


I haven't laughed so much in ages. Thanks. A serious question:
Q. If the Unions represent their members interests, why did they not protest when Labour were allowing the deficit to build up, given the inevitable consequences of it?
A. Because they give their members money to one party, Labour, and therefore weren't able to tell the truth to their members and represent their interests.

C H Ingoldby

Wow, just how dumb can the lefties get?

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