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October 15, 2010


Jack Pershing

To the best of my knowledge,there has always been a huge queue of people waiting to join the fire service,it looks a little like a closed shop,and I expect the queue will not diminish should shift patterns change. Their application form is an excercise in political correctness,and has to be seen to be believed.I'm sure they have some great people in their ranks,but I suspect the union top brass have a real left-wing agenda.

Victor Southern



It's time to privatise the fire service.

A Public Sector Worker

Do we know what the actual changes are?

The Police and Fire Brigades need reforming. If the Police accepted the removal of guaranteed overtime, I'm sure they'd actually find they may be able to recruit more officers to work at normal rates.

C H Ingoldby

The Fire Brigade does have a huge oversubscription of people wanting to join.

This just looks like classic grievancemongering from people insulated from the realities the rest of us face.

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