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September 23, 2010


Disgruntled Resident

It's not just ASBO's that the police don't take seriously. If you read the Daily Mail you'll find two cases in Barking where "squatters" have broken into houses while the residents are out, and the police claimed that they couldn't do anything as this was a civil matter - it's not. The law is very clear on this. If the properties are occupied, then a crime has been commited and section 6 of the criminal law act 1977 doesn't apply.

Go around working class communities and estates throughout the country and you will find the same story over and over again. No response to the concerns of ordinary folk. The problem has got considerably worse over the last 20 years; it started befire New Labour.

The police in my experience (which is unfortunately considerable) frequently try to get rid of people who aren't complaining about "exciting" crimes. They appear to have completely abandoned the peelite principles which have been the bedrock of British policing since the forces were set up in the 19th century. They need a damned good shake up.

Ultimo Tiger

ASBOs are useless. What thugs (young or old) need is a good meeting with the birch.


I am tired of reading all this cant today attacking the police.

The problem is that our pathetic politicians have not built enough prisons and therefore the judges have not got enough places to put the oiks in, so give them lighter sentences, which they are also instructed to do. And we then have Clarke wanting to put less of them of away.

If the police catches an oik breaching an ASBO they take him to court and the judge slaps him on the wrist.

It is not the police it is our supine political elite who are to blame.

To blame the police is pathetic, and all the politicians are keeping their collective head down. Maybe the good Baroness should be knocking on Clarke's door.

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