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August 12, 2010


Matt Woods

Have the government scrapped the Union "modernisation" fund yet? It's obviously not working.

Victor Southern

I thought we were told the unions were backing Miliband Junior?

Unite appears to be a union which is entirely selfish, entirely short-sighted and entirely devoted to the collapse of the United Kingdom.


yeah watch out you people when we mess this up like the miners strike all of our former memebers will be out of a job but in the club. ill be alright jack with a safe labour seat like thst girl i sunderland unions dont own the labour party at all....... comrades


BLAIR gave us "THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER" and we ended up bankrupt.It looks like the next labour leader is taking a tune from HAROLD WILSONS repertoire "PUPPET ON A STRING".Led by UNITE and the knuckledraggers choir.The mind boggles.

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