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June 18, 2010


Matthew Reynolds

This makes the point admirably and shows how expensive it is to have unaccountable people making 80% of our laws in Brussels.I agree with this entirely-why is our EU contribution rising to £10 billion p/a when their accounts have not been signed off by the auditors for the best part of 15 years ?Why give the EU more money when domestic budgets are being butchered to right the fiscal wrongs of the New Labour era ?It is so illogical and unfair.I believe charity and law-making begins at home and we should have a democratic system in the UK again whereby our laws are made to suit our national interest.I also think that we should put forward a repatriation plan whereby the % of our laws made in the EU is slashed by 75% from 80% to 20% within five years.If the EU do not go along with this we would with-hold our annual payment to the EU and slash corporate taxes on top of what George Osborne wishes to do.He wants them down to 25%&20% and I think that they should go down to one 19& rate.Axing the £8 billion a year that we give to the EU could fund that-refusing the £2 billion hike to £10 billion could help drive the tax on profits down to 18%.With such a low tax level and the lack of growth stifling EU red tape we might even have a decent economic future ! They need our export market and our money -by playing hard-ball we can get power back from the EU.If the coalition are so keen on devolving power-why not apply that logic to regaining freedom from Brussels ?

Richard M

Surely the British public, the tax-paying public, have a right to endorse where those taxes are spent? We do this traditionally, via a General Election, where we can kick out one party and elect another party (currently a coalition group) with alternative policies.

We have never been truly consulted about the EU tax however, which continues to relentlessly rise.

An EU Referendum was promised, so where is it? No good asking the public which cuts in public spending to suggest, if any suggestion of refusing to pay the EU is not even on the table.

Ask the public either to endorse paying the EU, or ask us to vote categorically, in or out.
Just cutting domestic expenditure and paying out more to the great unelected is illogical,offensive to democracy, and dreadfully costly.

Cameron needs to grab the nettle on this one : give us a proper vote !!
Denying us a say on the spending of our taxes, denying us a real vote, hurts everyone who pays tax in the UK.


Well done. Bravo. You managed to really confuse that receptionist and that security guard. Way to stick it to the eurocrats...


Well done TPA.
There should be a constant vigil outside the offices of the EU drawing attention to the fact that EVERY government, regardless of political complexion has steadily and stealthily brought the UK to the status of serfdom to this malevolent, corrupt and anti-democratic monstrosity.

I'll volunteer to stand the first watch, any offers of help?

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