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May 10, 2010


Andrew Smith

I think it would be a better heading to have written "EU imposes emergency funding".

Which politician is prepared to defend the timing (immediately after a UK General Election, when the EU was all but ignored, again), the principal (a Eurozone member was knowingly admitted to their club when failing to meet the rules, and cheated to do so), the economics (we would not be hurt if Greece defaulted, the fairness (Ireland is sorting its own problems but now has to pay for Greece too or the acceptability (UK deficit will reuire huge cuts while spending £billions on EU membership now £billions more on bailing out another).

This is a democractic and economic disgrace.


I agree another deal from an unellected shower especially as we are in turmoil and our economic future is as uncertain as greece as we wait with baited breath on who will run the country,what was darling doing giving a gaurantee of 13 billion of our taxes to prop up the euro of which we are not a party to,will this give licence to the romanians et al to spend spend spend as they are getting bailed out with our money yes this is socialism through the back door what we have is not ours but the lazy unworkable parliaments over europe who we continue to pay for

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