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April 15, 2010


John Smith

Is it just me or does the Sky News Video Player always buffer every couple of seconds?

Sally Roberts

Nick Clegg sticking his hand in his pocket? Oh dear....

Major Plonquer

Not only 'body language' but all body functions. For example if Gordon Brown were to drop his pants and let rip with a long fart for ten or twenty seconds it would make FAR more sense than his usual diatribe about tractor statistics.

Let it rip Gordon....

Super Blue

Brown needs a psychologist - a qualified one, not his friend Draper.


Body language know alls,speech writers,style gurus.Can you wonder that any sane person thinks politics is more akin to a circus.What we want is not a pile of horse manure.The public despite what the chattering and media luvvies say.Want the questions answered and an end to this alice in wonderland situation.The truthfull honest people from every political party have been driven out.To be replaced by time serving jobsworths the leaders best palls.Or some slimeball that has grovelled or given a bung to the party.

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