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April 08, 2010


Nigel Harte

Hard to disagree with what he's saying


Martin Bell is an anti Conservative campaigner, not really an independent.

Sally Roberts

BGB is quite correct. Martin Bell would rather stick pins in his eyes than support a Conservative Government in any shape or form! He will do anything to act as a "spoiler" if he can.

Jack Stone

Can`t see how that is going to help the country as all you will probably get if enough people did it is a Labour/Liberal government. If people want change then they will only get that by voting Conservative.

It doesn't add up...

A PPB for the ex BBC Party...

John Prendergast

He was a very second rate reporter and is a second rate MP. Just what we dont want, more like him!

John Ward

Oh dear, not another of these "vote for someone irrelevant" bods!

This isn't the need this time. Anyone with any intelligence should by now have realised that this is a straight choice between Brown and Cameron. That's it!

Healthy it isn't, but that's all we have today. The only way we'll even have a choice next time is by getting rid of Brown and his intention to rig our electoral system.

Perhaps then it will become relevant to even begin to think about minor parties and so-called Independents (most, though not all of whom aren't really).


What a tedious idiot Bell is. Lets vote in a load of independents with no policies, who can't agree on anything because they have no party structure and best of all, their single issue is the one that matters most to them as a n individual.
Five more years of labour would be a total disaster but can you imagine the reaction of the markets if brainless Bell got his way.
Sterling in freefall, country bankrupt, Greece here I come.

Andrew Smith

The word egotist comes to mind!

Tony E

Bell is doing what he has always done, campaign for the Labour party under the guise of independence - it's the anyone but Dave party now, but its totally transparrent in its real objective.

Always found Bell incredibly sanctimonious and annoying.

Jack Reacher

Why would independents be less likely to be hopeless, corrupt or both?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Well he would say that wouldn't he?
Bell is on an ego trip, no more, no less.

If he has the guts and feels his cause is so just let him stand in Glasgow East or Glasgow North East or one of the Liverpool Seats.

Super Blue

Martin Bell is a conscious Labour stooge.

John Charlton

Country facing biggest financial crisis of all time and Martin suggests that we elect a bunch of have a go heroes with no plan for Government.

The same Martin who was duped into being a New Labour Stooge in 1997.

Read Martin Bell's book 'The Truth that Sticks' about the disgrace of Blair's lies, scandals and the disgrace of Iraq. He's no fan of New Labour now and he fell out with the Limp Dims as well.

Give it up Dude. As an ex-lefty myself, take it from me. The Conservatives are better at running the country and are proud of its heritage.

Forget these indies Martin and Vote Dave, Vote Conservative!!!

Bell ended

Bell is part of Labour's black-ops. They are probably standing mostly in important Conservative target seats to split the anti-Labour vote and keep Labour or Fib Dems MPs in their seats.


I certainly can't bring myself to vote for one of the big 3 parties.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

David, don't then!

Another Tony

The fact he's in a photo in between all the Jury Team candidates on their website is very telling, the fact he didn't support them during their election even more so...


I recommend anyone considering voting independent read this PDF from the Manx Liberal Party:

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