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March 11, 2010


David Boothroyd

Do you think it might have been slightly more effective if Lord Guthrie had not chosen to deny links with the Conservative Party while giving a lecture for the Centre for Policy Studies - a think tank set up by Sir Keith Joseph, very closely associated with Margaret Thatcher, and run by a council on which every single member is an active Conservative?

martin sewell

The question is not really whether or not he is Tory but whether he is truthful and I think I know who most of the British people will believe on this issue.


Labour are now in full-on attack mode over Brown's neglect of the Armed Forces.

Their problem is the people they're attacking have the ear of the majority of the population.

We've all watched our soldiers, marines and airmen die because of the government's continued betrayal of the Military Covenent.

Witness the David Boothroyd's comment above for another classic smear.

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