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March 06, 2010


Michael Heaver

Nothing on the video or website about John Stevens being a headbanger who wants Britain to join the euro ASAP.

I think Nigel Farage will prove to be much more to the tastes of the electorate in Buckingham. He and UKIP have actual policies, rather than Steven's single policy of knocking Bercow and providing no positive vision of his own.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

He used to be my MEP in the old days before this useless de Hondt PR system came in. He was always a fanatically pro-Europe type. I feel that he and Farrage will cancel each other and John Bercow will hold his seat in Buckingham.

John Cowan

John Stevens used to be a Conservative MEP then joined the pro-European Conservatives before spending a short time as a Lib Dem.

His is a good European and would make a much better MP than Farge who would not doubt rant at Westminster like he did at the President of the EU Commission.

Seems a shame the days of the Speaker being elected unopposed seem to be over.


John Stevens was never worried about Brussels gravy trains, so why is he so worried now about the flipping Speaker. Farage now has to fight two socialists, instead of one!

michael mcgough

It will give those who despise Bercow but who cannot/will not vote for UKIP a place to cast their vote.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

That's true Michael McGough and we Conservatives are all for Choice are we not? So Right of Centre anti-EU types can vote Farage, those more of a Liberal/Pro Europe type can vote Stevens and the majority will probably vote for Bercow whom I am told is a good constituency MP.


Steve, we must slay the values-free "Good continuency MP" excuse for voting for Bercow (or any other socialist)(never mind whether they're really conservative)" argument once and for all. That thinking would be an argument for conservative-values voters re-electing plenty of Lab, or LibDem MPs.


This nutter is sent in to pull votes from Farage, financed by Brussels gravy - clearly made to look like a loon to muddy the waters.

It's a sign they are worried about Farage.

michael mcgough

"Bercow whom I am told is a good constituency MP."

I am told he's a serial flipper.Never mind the non-doms what about our flippers ? They are an endangered species


The statue of John Hampden is actually in the neighbouring constituency of Aylesbury.


Steve, no. Farage and Stevens won't cancel each other out, precisely because they stand on opposite sides of the EU camp.

Those who would vote for Farage would never vote for Stevens, and vice versa. Similarly, those who vote for Farage won't care for Bercow's leftiness or light-fingerdness.

If anything, Stevens will drain more votes from Bercow.

Denis Cooper

"Can I have two pounds of humbugs, please."

"Yes, sir, you can, provided that they're priced and weighed out in metric, and no thanks to you and your kind."

I've a feeling that Farage will have him for breakfast, if they're ever together at a public election forum.

michael mcgough

They were both on the same platform recently at the E.India Club courtesy of the Monday Club with an allsorts audience.Stevens was far more scathing about Bercow than Farage in what was a great night.Left and right united against sleaze.


Bercow promised a referendum on Lisbon. But then when it came to the vote in The Commons, he voted against one. That is his greatest crime. Flipping is just collecting the reward for his treachery, as was his appointment by Labour MPs to be Speaker.

Stevens is a loon.

Farage deserves the seat.

Lindsay Jenkins

The only question for Stevens is where is his campaign money coming from?

Answer almost certainly Brussels.

Presume that the EU is worried Nigel Farage might win and so have valuable platform in Westminster.

Phil Harris

Now the tradition of not standing against the speaker has been thrown out by conservatives,watch other traditions follow.

It's not very bright and an attitude some will come to regret when it applies to other matters.

Farage will be a godsend to Labour btw.

Steve Tierney

If you didn't know it wasn't - this could EASILY be a comedy sketch. The guy is a ridiculous caricature! He hasn't a chance in hell of getting anywhere with this nonsense.


This buffoon is almost certainly being bankrolled by Brussels.
There you have it a sycophant of the corrupt anti-democratic EU (Stevens) claiming to represent 'democracy'.
(As Richard Littlejohn would say "you couldn't make it up")
Any votes Stevens attracts will be garnered from those whom Lenin termed 'useful idiots'.
However, I still expect Nigel to wipe the floor with the lot of them.

Go get 'em Nigel !!!

isle of man houses

Quite funny. But does it really help him to have a man dressed up as a dolphin to help him?


The thing is that Fargage cannot possibly beat Bercow. The ceiling for the UKIP vote seems to be about 16 to 22%.
And there are so many eurosceptics who do not support UKIP for a variety of reasons.
And today the BNP have announced their candidate taking more UKIP votes.
Stevens campaign does in fact have support from eurosceptics, lefties and all sorts.
Only an all sorts of campaign can actually beat Bercow.
It depends on your priorities> either to defeat Bercow or just to see Farage get a respectable vote.

Ben Stevenson

What is the point in voting for the speaker to be your MP? He cannot represent your views, as he is meant to be politically neutral.

In normal constituencies, you can write to your MP - encouraging them to express a view on something in debate, to sign an Early Day Motion, or to vote in a certain way. Your MP is there to represent your views in the country's legislature. John Bercow, as speaker, is obliged to not represent your views, even if he agreed with you.

It is time that we abandoned the idea of not opposing the speaker in elections. One constituency should not be denied a chance to vote for someone who will represent their views.

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