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February 22, 2010


Nigel Harte

I think she must already be regretting what she has done, as she has proven she is not fit to do her job. I also blame the BBC for giving her the publicity she wanted, which has effectively ended her career. Why did they report what she said when she couldn't even give consistent replies?

And what David Cameron is doing on calling for an inquiry into Brown's behaviour is beyond me. Why link yourself with such a discredited woman?

Span Ows

She may regret it or not but she certainly isn't discredited.

Nigel Harte

I think you'll find she is discredited. She said there had been three or four complaints against the PM yesterday, today it turned out to be "two or more" and none directly aimed at the PM.

Now she's dealing with allegations that the whole thing was a publicity stunt to make money for her husband's company, and of course, she has had to deal with criticism from other charities and her own staff, that what she has done is unprofessional. And she cant even prove the allegations she has made anyway.

Silly woman.

martin sewell

She is entitled to take the point that what, on any view, is at least two credible calls, ought to have initiated due process within a Government that has foisted many obligations onto business in similar circumstances.

This is additional to the complaints logged by Rawnsley - a creditable journalist with sources in which he has respect, and can at least be read in the light of what Mandelson has said about Brown as a bullying personality, - until, that is Brown brought him back and thereby "bought" his discretion.

Super Blue

Pam Warren, Rose Addis, Walter Wolfgang, David Kelly ........... and now Christine Pratt. All have been SMEARED by Mandelson. Labour cannot ever be wrong - if they are, someone else is really to blame and Draper's busy fingers are over every thread.

Elizabeth Allen

I don't know how Peter Mandleson has the cheek to say that there is zero tolerance to bullying in the goernment when we all know he is a psychological bully.

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