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December 16, 2009


Paul Biggs

Climate Charlie - another rich celeb know-nothing who lectures us on climate and takes a private jet to Copenhagen. He really has no business being there.

Robin Clash

Another thing Charlie knows f**k all about. Can't Gordon shut him up.


Great crowd these well-heeled climate-change experts: Gore, Schwarzenegger, Brown and HRH. Our planet is safe in their hands ...

Alan Kirkby

It's all b******s. It's just a new religion (we have a court ruling on that). A great excuse for politicians to boss us around, rip us off with new taxes and ponce around the world telling us they're saving it from our profligacy. HRH should know better than align himself with this lot. Gordon shut him up? someone should shut the pair of them up.

Elizabeth R

Charlie....just one more good reason to be a republican....

Dennis C

I have never understood why coming from a particular womb qualifies one to be a head of state, can anyone enlighten me? Isn't this the guy who said in a taped telephone conversation that he wanted to be a Tampon inside Camilla Parker-Bowles. This gives new meaning to the term leaving one's carbon footprint.

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thats right the climate change is a real crap.

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