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November 05, 2009


Casino Royale

First 5 minutes is all Bercow loving his own voice and droning on about how "representative" they were...

I got bored and switched off.


I watched it on BBC parliament, it was actually very good. I was expecting loads of liberal people to talk but many made alot of sense.

The best guy was the one from Northern Ireland, he made a great joke about Boris Johnson.


omfg theres a complete tosser at 57 minutes on the second video. What a prick, he bashed Bercow, he was very rude.

Most young people don't vote for the Youth Parliament

I wonder how many young people out of the eligible voting population actually voted for these so called "representatives". I'll hazard a guess that the turnout was really low, showing that most young people aren't remotely interested in these alleged representatives.

I'll do what the majority of young people do with regards to the "Youth Parliament" - Ignore it completly


A rotten parliament if ever there was one - how many people voted for them?


"...representative..." 22% from ethnic minorities? Completely unrepresentative. What a load of politically correct nonsense.


There's someone wearing a purple shirt and a black tie. We are meant to take these people seriously?

Ethnically Diverse Disabled Youth Awareness Panel

I never knew that the "Youth Parliament" was elected. How could this be when I've spent all 18 years of my life being "a young person"? I suppose being privately educated probably excluded me from the "youth electorate", whatever that is... New Labour's class war must end!

Youth Parliament - Yawn, more state sponsored gimmicks...

Bizarre isn't it ? The Youth Parliament goes on about "climate change" and for the life of me I've never heard any young person I've come across express the slightest concern about it. In fact most "young people" I know think its a big con.

And somewhere in that crowd is the next John Bercow. What a horrible thought ....


I think I'm going to start a satirical blog called "Politically Correct Dreams" and these videos would be the first entries to be posted.

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