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October 21, 2009


Andrew S

CWU needs to be f**ked in the A.

They're taking the pi**.

Andrew S

Maybe now Labour is seeing how annoying the unions actually are?!

Andrew S

It's a joke.

i've never had job security! If I take a job, I completely respect my employers to fire me if and when they will.
There is absolutely no right to "job security".
If we lived in a Communist society, then perhaps I could understand. They're working for a business, not a f**king collectivised organisation. Makes my blood boil!

George Kaplan

These postal workers earn more, have better conditions and job security than the vast majority of people in this country and the strike just proves how lazy and ungrateful they are I was unemployed not so long ago and nearly ended up homeless and would have killed for any job so to to see these shirkers winge that they don't like their job makes me so angry. If you don't like your job then f### off and find a new one and let one of the millions in a less cushy job take your place (or an unemployed person).

C'W'U - Communication and 'Workers' Union

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