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August 28, 2009



The population may be on the increase; however, whether there is actually a drop in immigration or not, the real concern is that the population of Christians is dropping alarmingly and that of Islam on the increase. At the present rate it has been forecast that this country will be Islam before 2050!
This MUST be controlled or we shall not leave our nation, as we know it now, to our grand children. We will have failed them!


"At the present rate it has been forecast that this country will be Islam before 2050!"

forecast by who...the BNP?

Victor M

Oh dear 'fortune' Don't you ever read the demographics before spouting off??
Indigenous UK birthrate 1.6 - Muslim birthrate 3.6. Agreed reproduction rate is around 2.0- work it out for yourself or are the maths too much for you? If you want more stunning numbers try the 'Catholic' countries of Italy and Spain at 1.2 Oh! their Muslim births are the same as UK. The USA is a little better with around 1.9
Russia is in deep deep trouble at abt. 1.5

michael mcgough

Yet more mouths to feed by a dwindling number in employment.I wonder how many of these new born are in households livingon benefits?

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