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August 17, 2009



This is an excellent video, and the points are all correct (although more detail arguing against Keynesian stimulus economics would have been better perhaps) but I really can't stand the gentleman's voice.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

There's no bigger government than a Cameron government. Get ready to pay for New Trident, JSF, Aircraft carriers, growing NHS, single mums, hoodies, etc.

He'll be OK, so will George. How are you feeling about it?

Tony Makara

Economic growth can only be sutained when a nation uses its wealth to generate further wealth within its own economy.

If we continue to hemorrhage wealth by spending our Pounds on imports and make no effort to produce for our domestic market, our nation, and our currency will continue to devalue.

True sustainable growth, as measured by jobs and infrastructure, must replace the fools-gold economy that measures success purely in terms of cash-flow.

Mr Ben

This video would be OK...but that guy has *the* most annoying voice! lol ;-p :-D

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