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July 28, 2009


colin c

As far as I can see she explained nothing at all.

Tom FD

"Wheeee!" just about sums it up.

Vote Tory to keep the has-been celebrities out of office...


Sadly people of a certain age do not know when to stand aside. Let the young and keen have a say. Esther, you are too old and too full of yourself to fairly represent Luton. They need a wannabe not a has been.


A stupid egotistical celebrity desperate to get back into the limelight. Obviously been overdoing the HRT. Why bother to stand when the object of your disatisfaction is already resigning - I smell a Lib Dem rat trying to steal a seat from the Conservatives.
BTW What does ER propose to do about the loss of the Vauxhall car contract to supply the BSM fleet and its subsequent effect on Luton car workers? Any policies / interest Esther - no I thought not it - doesn't involve sitting on the Breakfastime sofa making general 'apple pie' statements about political corruption does!

Tony Makara

Challenge Rantzen on Constitional law and Macroeconomics, let's she if she's qualified to represent the people of Luton. Our Parliament is already awash with enough dilettantes as it is. We don't need amateur hour from Esther Rantzen.

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