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June 23, 2009



Ah, another cheque-waving slimeball....biggest giveaway yet that Parliament looks after its corrupt own no matter what we the electorate think. Made me feel like scrubbing myself with Domestos after watching that interview. With him in the chair we cannot expect any reform - it was clearly just a means to an end.

Super Blue

The first time there has been a child seat on the Speaker's chair.




What a pompous little spiv he is.

George lees

I don't understand why HMRC does not investigate these people for CGT evaision. As I understand it you have to have lived in a house for teh whole period as a principal residence to gain PPR relief. It is no good just moving in before selling it. The Cheat - Parliament has found one of its own!


further creeping erosion of our wonderful parliamentary traditions. Soon all the MPs will be refering to each other as "my mate the member for...". Although I must concede that the wig looks rather itchy.

Gaelic Con

Fair enough, the tights and wig desperately needed to go.

Now can we get rid of the nonsense language "honourable this" "honourable that".

Loose Cannon

It is just a rumour but in the urinals next to David Cameron I joked that perhaps David Bercow might gift the tights and wig to Nadine Dorries as a peace offering.
David pi**ed himself laughing and missed the urinal completely


Check out ITV's Tom Bradby's grilling of Bercow.
Can anyone put it on Youtube?


The same faked delivery as Brown. probably use the same media trainer. Bercow's love of self-publicity will be his downfall and frankly we are entering the final days of this rubber-stamp Parliament.

Until all Ministers are subjected to by-election on appointment; or until only Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Chancellor are voted on directly by the Commons and are the only Ministers required to be MPs....with the Parliament Acts 1911, 1949 abolished so the Upper House (elected) can veto Money Bills....then this East German Politburo form of Government will continue to destroy the nation

Stephen Dunbar

In his haste to abandon the traditional Speakers uniform, Bercow shows a complete failure to understand it's significance. It is not about dressing up, though if he were taller he might not mind this. The reasons are the same as for judges in court, namely: the robes reflect the status of the office and signify that the job is more important than the individual holding it. Bercow clearly believes himself to be much more important than this ancient and important office.

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I love that drawing! It reminds me of that old TV show (might still be going actually..) in North America called The Big Comfy Couch. Definitely need on of those at home!

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Well-written review! I saw his show in Paris last November. Similar set list, but without the cover songs. I am looking forward to seeing him in San Francisco this weekend. It's a shame Richard Hawley isn't along for the ride.


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Fair enough, the tights and wig desperately needed to go.

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