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May 16, 2009


Stewart Knight

I won't accept this from the man who destroyed Hamilton on behalf of the Labour party, and took Labour money to do so (election expenses)

Silent Hunter

Stewart Knight:

Care to substantiate that comment with some evidence to support your claim?

Stewart Knight

Lib Dem and Labour candidates resigned from standing in Tatton in 1997. Bells expenses, up to £8k, were paid by Labour. All in the public domain.

Where has this man been for the past eight years while Labour have been wallowing in the trough? He is a safe headline now isn't he?

Labour didn't care as long as that embarrassed the Tories, and Bell always refused to debate the issue with Hamilton, and actually, on camera, apologised to Hamilton when confronted by his wife.

Bell was used by labour and became a sad little single issue candidate incapable of doing the job once he had served his purpose. Sad for him.

The tipping point has been reached:


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