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May 05, 2009



Perhaps more importantly, Joanna Lumley very eloquently describes the failure of democracy in this country.

Victor, NW Kent

Joanna Lumley said it perfectly - we cannot see money as a barrier, we owe the Gurkhas a debt of honour. It is redundant to add anything to that.

We also owed Iraqi interpreters a debt of honour and a duty of care but we have largely abandoned them too.

Hugh Oxford

Sometimes I think that if Her Majesty dissolved parliament and called a general election only a handful of people would object.

I feel for Her Majesty looking at what her nation has become. She must hardly recognise it.

Hugh Oxford

"I don't understand democracy, if this is what democracy is".

Joanna - what a pithy way of expressing the sentiments of millions of your fellow Britons.


I love Joanna. She is gorgeous, her voice is just mellifluous, and here she eloquently articulates what millions of disaffected Britons feel about the state of democracy after a 12 year assault on it by New Labour

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