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April 23, 2009


Derek L Gregory

I have just emailed my MP:
"Re: MPs' salaries, expenses & pensions

It is unfortunate that Messrs Brown, Cameron & Clegg fail to comprehend
what the electorate require, which is along the lines of:

(1) Salary to be determined other than by MPs
(2) Expenses to supported by receipts and to be wholly, necessarily and
exclusively incurred in connection with their duties as MPs - i.e.
Revenue & Customs criteria
(3) Allowances to be taxable as part of salary - i.e. Revenue & Customs
(4) Pensions to be comparable with outside employment.

If one of the 3 gentlemen named eventually comes to realise what needs
to be done, and commits his party to doing it, the end-result in terms
of votes at the next General Election could be enormous!

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