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March 30, 2009


Sally Roberts

As Jamie is a well-known Labour supporter, perhaps he'd like to ask Mr Brown what HIS Party is going to do about it?

Bill Melotti

"As Jamie is a well-known Labour supporter"

I never knew that ! When I watched his stuff about school dinners and he showed by effort & imagination, you could do better without just throwing money at the problem, I thought he sounded more like a tory...

I made a comment along those lines to Ch4 for the political awards and to my surorise both they and BBC quoted me when the awards were announced.


Bill Melotti - if Jamie Oliver was a Tory he'd mind his own business and stop trying to get the government to legislate what food schools should provide.

Josh O'Nyons

Another reason to vote UKIP ?


I am against the EU and think TPA do some good work but I am beginning to get sick of their simplistic pandering to the media. Also if they are for having a proper scrutiny of issues and thus saving money they would rise above the tabloid approach. Is it really furthering anything describing all British politicians as lily livered. As a one off joke yes its a laugh but its not a one off, its become central to their attitude. The risk is that the TPA become just another lobby group out to justify its own existnece and loses touch with the truth in the same way that they are accusing others. Its up to them but the signs are getting ominous.

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How much will it cost US taxpayers for the Democrats to bribe each other into voting for their own health care?

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