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March 26, 2009


David Sergeant

I bet if it were 1996 and John Major had made a speech and a Labour MEP came up with some vitriol it would have been well aired on the BBC. I also bet the Conservatives would not of done a "line by line" rebuttal.


Is there something wrong with Drapers back?

Why doesn't he sit up straight?

Nigel C

Draper cliams there is a line by line rebuttal of Hannan's speech on LabourList. There is not- don't go and look and add to their traffic.
There is a pathetic attempt at a character assasination

Dog Biter

Extremely impressive this Hannan fellow. Why's he messing about in Europe? Why isn't he a proper MP? Should be on the front bench. Marvellous stuff.

Patsy Sergeant

Derek Drooper or whatever his name is, looks like he could do with a wash and brush up.

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