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March 26, 2009



Not a pleasure to watch. Gotta love the Berkeley t-shirt though (see guidos blog), wonder if Draper "got it".

Dror Ben-Ari

Oh dear, what a cripple-fight.


Have you ever seen Guido Fawkes on Newsnight? Michael White takes him to the cleaners so well that it's almost embarassing!

Jamal Akhbar

Derek who?

David Galea

Labour is finished. Draper is living proof.

Callum Wood


Andrew at 3:24
"Derek, this is not a party political broadcast for you, will you SHUT UP for a minute and let him answer"

I liked that.

Patsy Sergeant

What a plonker Draper is, so self-important, I wonder where he gets that attitude from??? A perfect example of what happens when a political party and its co-horts has been in power toooo long, so that they think they can do no wrong!

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