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February 03, 2009


David Lindsay

Whether in goods, services, capital or labour, the United Kingdom should give absolute priority to British goods, services, capital and labour. Then to the Irish Republic, to those Commonwealth countries having the monarch as Head of State, and to Fiji for so long as the same person is both our monarch and her Paramount Chief. Then to the rest of the Commonwealth, and to such other countries as may come into a comparable relationship with the Crown. And then to the rest of the world.

British law can be made to override EU law (which it should always do anyway) simply by a resolution of the House of Commons to that effect. The clause is clearly there.

Nowhere produces everything, or necessarily enough of anything, so there would still be trade.

The Bishop Swine

Strikes are not the way forward. Most especially wild cat strikes. Can you blame anyone for not wanting to employ Unionised British labour, when it is willing to brake the law. I hope this is the last such outbreak of "union power". The issues profile has now been raised so there is no more excuse for such appalling behaviour.

Max Rawnsley

This concern of British workers against shows us-yet again when it comes to jobs - we are tribal and the European Union is anti-tribal masked by the so called fantasy of globalisation and free trade for all. It has badly damaged world economies; my own country Australia continues in the same dreamtime led by irrational economic policies and a living standard built on debt. Now we have the myth of climate change to add to the confusion so loved by the left.

Where to now ?

Max Rawnsley
Sydney, Australia

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