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January 21, 2009



That was a both funny and true summary of New Labour's bull. One to share with our friends. Thanks for that.

Robert Miller

As any person who has read or even knows about George Orwell will tell you, he was critical of the kind of totalitarian state depicted in 1984.

So, to suggest that an "Orwellian" Britain is a nanny state, is to completely misuse his name as an adjective.

Then again, I doubt the people who produce the video care about such accuracies - they just want to spin, spin and spin and then some spin some more - and then to accuse everyone else of spin whilst claiming they're entirely innocent of it.

That's also known as hypocrisy, just in case your vocabulary is still lacking.


True enough about life in Britain now, but there is little to suggest it would not be the same with the Tories. Is policy now to leave the EU?


I bet Polly Toynbee would have a wet dream watching this

John Coles

Very good.
The government monitoring and interference in our lives came over as - well, how can I put it? - yes, that's it, Orwellian!
Pace Robert Miller, the offense that you take is puerile.

Peter Wilson

@Robert Miller perhaps you should look up the meaning of Orwellian before ...er...making an idiot of yourself


Ash Faulkner

That's a very stupid point to make Robert Miller. 'Orwellian' simply means 'of Orwell'. It is an entirely accurate adjective. Or does 'Dickensian' mean approving of workhouses?

Tony Walker

Should a child really be used?


Oh, but surely the entire argument against this video is - regardless of the veracity or not of the contents - its unending puerility. It's sub-BNP autoranting and the comments on the YouTube site show that that party's supporters rather liked it.

Really is this what ConHome is being reduced to?


Tragic that someone out there has nothing better to do with there time than construct this nonsense.


I think the person who made this is angry which is easy to understand. I think however, the points will be lost in that it is too extreme in places. If gun crime is that bad (which I doubt), then there is a need for all the cctv cameras. It is a little contradictory.

Gee- if only it was toned down a bit, it would have been really good- because so much of it is just so spot on- especially the government interfering in our lives.


Tragic that Lurker has nothing better to do with their time than Watch it.


I recognise the pub in this video as the Blacksmith Arms on Tebourba Way in Southampton! Who is the local tory film maker we have yet to discover?

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