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December 03, 2008


m wood

Shouldn't the Speaker's immediate response to the Sergeant-at-Arms be to ask "Have they got a warrent"?


A wholly inadequate statement fropm Speaker Martin. "Not me, gov. It was her - and them".

Sam R

Who wrote Mick's statement? Did Mick not read it beforehand?
But at least he has admitted negligence or gross negligence.
Then we have the "only told today" comment. Did Quick-Quick, Slow-Slow only get round to that chore on Jacu's prompting following the heads-together to cobble an excuse.
What evidence had Speedy that made him suspect that the Damian Green had conspired to commit misconduct in public office AND in aiding and abetting?
Big-hearted of our Mick to take the decision HIMSELF to appoint seven wise men of his choosing - sounds like "pick your own jury"

Matt Wright

Pathetic, quite frankly! Read badly from a script cooked up by his masters. Then he is going to decide who to nominate onto a review! The guy is not fit to be Speaker.

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