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May 02, 2008


Mike O'Donnell

How lovely to see such a richly diverse and multi-cultural audience. Good old PC Al-Beeb.

Toynbee is toast, same as Brown and the useless Des Browne.

Littlejohn rocks!

Conservative Homer

BS. People were starving 10, 20, 50 years ago. And there were less people then.

I dont accept it for a minute. There is no less or no more starvation than before. If anyone is to blame its the EU with its soviet era policies creating mountains of rotting food, and paying farmers not to farm their land. Although maybe thats unfair. There is more prime farmland in Russia currently laying unused than at any time post WW2. Countless millions of hectares going to waste right now.

There is no shortage of food or land on which to produce it, there is only politicians meddling (as always) and the medias current demonisation of biofuels is yet another of the establishments diversionary tactics.

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