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May 04, 2008


Will Stobart

This is a damned disgrace. Shame on the BBC.


I like it!

Tony Makara

Typical egocentrism and self-indulgence from the BBC's dilettante staff. Just another example from the state-sanctioned corporation that makes a habit of dumbing down, whether its putting people in dramas who can't act or handing a microphone to people who can't sing. The oft touted myth that the BBC is a purveyor of quality television is absolute nonsense. This is excrement masquerading as entertainment. Still, should we expect anything less from the narcissistic BBC?

Mike O'Donnell

Someone needs sacking for this drivel.


What. The. F**k.

Conservative Homer

I like it personally. The BBC is usually staid and lacking in any humour whatsoever. The more lively they can make it the better.

Yet Another Anon

THe BBC graphics were among the most ridiculus things I have ever seen on tv - one appeared to show John Major evolving into William Hague, evolving into IDS, evolving into David Cameron, evolving into apparently early man - certainly that was what it looked like.

Bean cans and someone shooting them, what has that got to do with the Local Elections?

It amused Charles Kennedy, it was so inane that it almost completely obscured the subject matter - Jeremy Vine evidently had just decided to rebrand it The Jeremy Vine Show so that he could dress up as a cowboy and swagger about.


The BBC offers nothing that other channels already provide.

The BBC serves no purpose- it is surplus to requirements.

It is too often accused of being a tax payer subsidised Labour mouthpiece. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

It should be sold off. The savings on licence fees and the windfall for the hard pressed is needed.

Sell it off.

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