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January 22, 2011



"Tony Blair warns the West that it must abandon its "wretched posture of apology" towards Islamic extremism"
I am not of Blair's political party, and believe his legacy to governanace is dire and of lasting damage to this country, both economically and constitutionally. However, I agree completely with his statement about wretchedly ignoring Islamic extremism. The West will be destroyed unless it faces up to the threats - and quickly.

Andrew Smith

So he doesn't agree with Warsi then!

Jack Pershing

Shame he didn't do something about it when he had the chance. Under his watch London morfed into Londonistan.

North Briton

As bad as Straw huffing and puffing about sex groomers in the north of England. Neither of them did anything to stop these things thriving on their watch - in fact their open borders policies and their "wretched posture" of subservience to European jurists who tell us we can't deport prosletysing clerics who have a right to this, that or the other positively encouraged these people.


Londinistann - sex groomers - the destruction of the West.

If any proof were needed that Baroness Warsi was right it's the hysterical nonsense one can read on sites like this.

Vince Causey

Blair was referring to Iran when he criticed the 'wretched posture of apology.' The subject of his attack was 'Iran and other extremists.' Now, 'other extemists' is open to interpretation, but by his repeated references to the middle east, I would assume he was referring to the Taliban and possibly Hamas. In that context, what he is saying is plain common sense. However, some seem to be interpreting this as a criticism directed at radical islam in general. I think too much is being read into this.

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