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September 11, 2010



To be honest, I don't pay the slightest bit of attention to what Barack Obama says anymore. He's a busted flush. A one term, shallow and valueless mediocrity (a bit like David Cameron) who made a few good speeches on the campaign trail.

Jimmy Carter has absolutely nothing to fear from being overtaken by Obama in the rankings for greatest 20th century President.

Personally, on 9/11 I found this article by Obama's fellow American far more interesting and telling.

"What to do on 9/11: Instead of burning the Koran, tell the world about Muslim persecution of Christians"


Islam badly needs to reform far too much of its own backward and hateful theology before claiming any moral authority to criticise bookburners!!!


Islam badly needs to reform far too much of its own backward and hateful theology.....

That's a pretty ignorant statement. Not ALL of Islam preaches hate. It would be like condemning Catholicism for helping spread STDs because they don't like condomns, just because of the actions of some priests.

Joe De Mocritus

Weakness in the face of islamofascism.

Ultimo Tiger

Isn't America the country that segregated blacks, installed military dictatorships in nations it didn't like and helped support the IRA?

I'd say that's quite hateful and intolerant.


Obama is the first muslim President and it shows.
He should have made sure the proposed 9/11 mosque was moved to another site in the interests of decency rather than take the easy way out and support religious freedom.
Obama is weak and is just a democratic wind bag. He is making the mistake of ignoring the general public and supporting self interest minority groups just as New Labour did in this country.


"That's a pretty ignorant statement. Not ALL of Islam preaches hate."

All Islamic schools of thought, Sunni and Shia, endorse death for apostasy. There is absolutely nothing ignorant about that statement, its simply a fact. Feel free to tell me which school of thought does not.

Islamic scholars, faced with the option or rejecting or endorsing this disgraceful and abhorrent teaching, have consistently chosen to provide a theological endorsement of murder.

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