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August 20, 2010



Good news.I think Clinton as made a much better secretary of state than I ever thought she would be.

Bedd Gelert

Great news !!!

I think Netanyahu had better get a new ring tone for his phone...

"Brace yourself, Bibi..."

Ultimo Tiger

While I hope it works out, I can't see it actually working.

Remember when Arafat and Rabin shook hands?

Nothing came of it apart from one angry Israeli murdering Rabin :-(


I think it can succeed if Israel are seriously committed to peace.They have continually shown by there actions in recent years that they are the road block to peace and they have got to change a lot with there attitudes to the Palestians and there willingness to take on the extreme religious right in the country.
The fact that they have chosen to talk gives hope but I am afraid that you can`t have much confidence in success while the extreme right are in power in the country.

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