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July 30, 2010



This bumbling retard was never at the heart of any key decision making in the Labour government, and certainly not foreign policy.

He kept his mouth shut and went along with the key decisions made by others and in return he got his sinecure titles and a salary that a man of his very limited intellectual capacities could never have dreamed of in the private sector.


The highest paid and most privileged mascot in the world, perhaps.


Although too stupid to have fully understood what was going on, by mere dint of having been a prominent member of the last government this scum has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians on his hands, and hundreds of British troops.


When i saw that grinning moron at the chilcot inquiry i realised how low this country had sunk.PRESCOTT is a living excample of the lowest common denominator that now infests.The higher echelons of our so called establishment.This man once held the second most powerful position in GB politics.We then have the bare faced cheek to lecture other countries leaders.

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