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July 21, 2010



Will those who used the concept of a 'War on Terror' to justify the Iraq invasion now be punished?

Victor M

This stupid woman sat on all the various advising committees etc. at the time and said the opposite.
These people leave me speechless.

Andrew Smith

The woman is not stupid and she was not the decision maker.

This confirms what many of us suspected at the time. Bu good judgement (an contrary to the policy of the Conservative Party), UKIP witheld its support for the Iraq adventure and has consistently called for a clear statement of war aims in Afganistan.

Victor M

Oh yes she is stupid..She has swung her views round 360ยบ since her Iraq war advisory committee days-as general arse licker to B'Liar. Try reading her transcript to this whitewashing 'enquiry.' She knows she's 'safe' as the whitewash is being delivered by the tanker load as we speak. She thinks no-one has noticed that's what makes her stupid. As to your UKIP remarks, ask their leaders why we are there at all in an un winnable war fighting and dying for drug ridden corruption. The moment we and the others leave the Taliban will be back - 100%. They are similar to the Mafia in Italy and other places, they may retreat for while but they never go away. It's a way of life.

Vincit Veritas

Victor M, like many of his sort is talking vicious rubbish, entirely without any evidence. I know she as intelligent ans Victor M is dense. I am no longer involved in this theatre of operations. Of course Iraq has stirred up many things including spreading terrorism and tension.

Victor M

Vicious rubbish Vincit????
Write down one single thing that has been either vicious or rubbish.
Not too keen on the truth huh?? Rather like some others I know.

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