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July 29, 2010


John F in Aberdeen

Cameron is correct however its long overdue time that the Islamist terrorists (mostly Pakistani descent) exported from Britian were dealt with.
London acquired the name Londonstan back in the early 90,s when Major was PM because of the establishments fear and continuing fear of controlling Islamic imigrants especially those from Pakistan.
Its time to pull all our forces out of Afganistan,, and forcefully encourage all our internal enemies (mostly Islamists) to get out of the UK.
Those foreigners (born here or immigrant)who leave the UK to join the Taliban or any other terrorist orginisation should be barred from returning to the UK and all those involved in criminal acts in the UK should be exiled out of Britian.
We need all our armed forces back in the UK to deal with our own inetrnal exported terrorists.


This man is making Britain Great again. No longer a puppet of sectional interests, a great and independent power once more pursuing NATIONAL interests.

David J

David Cameron is absolutely right to comment on the situation in Pakistan. One only has to look at the Pakistani community in the UK to see that some of them support Islamic extremism and lot of the remainder will not speak-up against their fellow immigrants (or first generation UK born).

I am not a fan of Lord Tebbit, but what he said about supporting cricket teams was spot-on. How many Pakistani immigrants support the UK world view??

Whereas India has always been far more supportive of the UK. Many of their traditions, democracy. army etc; mirror our own values.

Well said David Cameron.


Has he yet defended his disgraceful, slavish, opportunistic display in Turkey where he decided to use Israel as his punching bag to score cheap points with his favourite 'EU' wannabes?

An unforgivable act Cameron, and one which has lost you at least one vote here.

Ultimo Tiger

How did he use Israel as a punching bag? He said Gaza was like a prison camp. That's dfferent to using Israel as a punching bag.


We all know that Israel is an ally and a friend and we having nothing to fear from them. This cannot be said about Pakistan. The Prime Minister did well in India but not so well in Turkey.


@ Robert - In what has Israel EVER demonstrated that it is an ally and friend of the UK?

@ David J - Fine, but the same applies to British Jews, including politicans such as Ed and David Milliband. Do they put British interests before Israeli interests?

David J

I am sure they put UK interests first.

They are involved in UK political life, most Pakistani immigrants (or first generation UK born) are not.

I really don't see the point you are trying to make , Anon?


I note that cowardly Cameron defended his remarks about Pakistan and his remarks about being a junior partner to the US - yet did not bring up his Gaza "prison camp" slur again.

Apologise Cameron. Apologise now.


@Ultimo Tiger

He was on a trip to Turkey to advertise his desire to see them join the EU. Can you tell me why Gaza was brought up?

Ok, we can excuse him perhaps for bringing up the flotilla incident, but why then go on about the situation in Gaza to a Turkish audience? oh, that's right. They're Muslims. What better way to ingratiate yourself with Muslims than throwing Israel under the bus?

Turkey has absolutely nothing to do with Gaza or Israel. His visit should have started and ended with discussing the EU. If he wanted to mention the flotilla incident, fine - but deriding Israel for Turkish consumption was unforgivable.

It's akin to the Israeli PM going to Brazil and deriding Britain for not giving the Falklands to Argentina.

@Anon. How very typical of a racist like you to question the loyalty of Jews in Britain. I believe Goebbels used the very same line to kick off his propaganda campaign.

Victor Southern

We used to have lots of Anons around but now we only have this anti-Semitic one.

Neither Miliband shows any affinity whatsoever for Israel in fact perhaps the reverse in David's case. He is a declared atheist although his son goes to a Church of England school!

Paris Claims

I wish people would stop calling the Milibands Jewish. They may come from a Jewish background,but as a rule Marxists do not believe in God. The Milibands are third generation Marxists

john parkes

It was interesting to hear the Prime Minister of Pakistan reported as having said, in response to Cameron`s speech, that it would affect the chances of peace in Afghanistan. He was not explicit as to exactly what he meant by this remark. If he was saying there would be renewed attempts by the Pakistan government to crush terrorism at home and do all they could to prevent their country from being an operational base for Afghan terrorists, so much the better. If however it was a crude attempt at blackmail and a barely disguised threat that terrorism would be increased, it proves that Cameron was correct in his assessment. Either way Cameron`s speech gave welcome clarification on an issue that has been muddied hitherto by conflicting approaches.
We were then treated this morning to an interview with Imran Khan on the `Today Programme`, where he was encouraged to deride the Cameron speech and declare it as fostering the threat to the UK from militant Islam. I fear they caught Imran on the hop and his muddled response only seemed to be limited to a bid for political advantage at home, where he is in a struggle to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. His line this morning was far from coherent, save to try and broaden the subject to gain political influence within his own electorate.
Pakistan will have to face up to its problems and equivocation will only see it losing friends as well as material aid. They are only being given assistance on the understanding they will do what they can to weaken the threat to western countries. If they can`t or won`t, there will inevitably be a re-alignment of alliances from which they will only lose support.
As to the reference by Cameron to Gaza, Israel will need to accept that there are limits in the way it tries to secure itself against all manner of threats. There is widespread government support in the west for Israel but if its treatment of its neighbours goes against progress in the search for peace, and despite all the obstacles put in the way by the Palestinians, they must expect a lack of patience among their allies. Unlimited support for exemplary action cannot be guaranteed, particularly by this country if faked British passports are used by Israeli operatives acting violently abroad.

Josephine Capenerhurst

I certainly did not agree with David Cameron's comments re Turkey or Israel, however,regarding Pakistan,
his remarks were spot on, he is just saying what the majority of the electorate think,and what no other
politician has dared to suggest, so full marks for his honest opinion and all credit to him for not
beng afraid of speaking his mind and upsetting certain sections of the media!!

Alan in Moscow

I wish he had spoken more frankly with Obama where he was totally obsequious. He needs to be more consistent in his frankness but I agree with him on Turkey and Pakistan.

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