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March 28, 2010


Jack Stone

The way Northern Ireland has progressed with less violence and the different communities coming together I think these matters should be laid to rest.The constant focus on the past not the future makes it harder to bring the sides together and to make the peace process work.Lets leave the past in the past and just concentrate on the here and now and the future.It is better for everyone that way.


NO it isn't. Justice is important. If it is not important here and for the victims than it is not important anywhere and we should dispense with it altogether and cease to be concerned for its relevance in terms of any inhumanity here or anywhere. This appeasing, twitty attitude shows UTTER contempt for his victims.

Jack Stone

The priority is peace and sometimes that is more important than settling old scores.

Ultimo Tiger

You want to stir up the sleeping Hornets nest in Northern Ireland you do so, but I think we've had enough of terrorism without worrying about MORE of it in NI.

I hate the fact that people like him are free, I hate the fact the Shankhill Butchers aren't still rotting inside prison but sadly, it's the price we've had to pay for peace. The only alternate would have been to repartition NI or drive every Catholic and Republican person out.


Old scores? It's about JUSTICE. There is no peace without it. The idea that not only we did we appease this awkward uneasy and bizarre peace but we rewarded the perpetrators of the ugliest violence with positions in government is nothing to admirably settle for for any reason. Much less be proud of or trite over.


And it goes way beyond NI. Appeasement will reap violent and bloody rewards with all emboldened terrorists from here on in. There will never be any peace anywhere precisely because of what we "achieved" in NI. Appeasers can count themselves responsible for the bloodshed of 9/11 and 7/7 and all future atrocities. As terrorists everywhere look to the rewards to be gained, the chance of a place in government for the bloodiest atrocities, we can only bow our heads in utter shame and quite pretending we achieved anything at all. Pathetic.


Whatever your constitutional allegiance, Northern Ireland has not 'progressed'. Northern Ireland cannot 'progress' because Northern Ireland is a failed state, and the institutionalised sectarian structures of 'governance' is an implicit admission of that reality. The pretence of democracy, as maintained until Stormont was prorogued in 1972, has been discarded. The elementary principle of democracy, that the majority rules, has been dropped. The centre ground in Northern Ireland has made a kind of settlement. Sinn Fein, erstwhile revolutionary Republicans has agreed with fundamentalist Unionism to operate a kind of local government under British authority, but maintaining connections with the Irish Government. The 'centre' shares whatever power these is.

As Jason Walsh wrote in the Guardian:

“The assembly might fall but it will be built right back up again: the Northern Ireland executive is a zombie government that it is barely functional at the best of times, operating without an opposition or the ability to be rejected in an election, but continually shored up by the British and Irish governments because it is, like the banks, “too big to fail”. The assembly’s periodic crises are cyclical and unavoidable, resulting from the attempt to use an oddball political institution to neutralise a political question by pretending it’s a mere “cultural” matter.

“Normal politics” is the one thing the assembly can never deliver. Northern Ireland’s only potential for “normal” politics lies in dull, managerial measures – basically, the stuff of local councils. At any level above this, the fact that there is a real dispute over sovereignty comes into play, and while this can be diffused and delayed through all manner of legalistic wrangling, the issue never really goes away”

Ultimo Tiger

"we can only bow our heads in utter shame and quite pretending we achieved anything at all. Pathetic."

Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom. In that sense the IRA have failed. Now the only way they can achieve their aims is to wait until the demographics are in their favour and that will be a long time off.

If you want to suddenly arrest everyone in the assembly for connections to terrorism go ahead, but be prepared to send in the army to deal with the problems afterwards. Would you rather have "Zombie government" by protestant hardliners and republican terrorists who have decided to yell at each other as opposed to blowing each other up or a return to the Troubles?

"Appeasers can count themselves responsible for the bloodshed of 9/11"

Oh don't give me that bullshit. There is a difference between appeasing someone and having someone turn on you who used to be an agent of yours (which Bin Laden was).

Mr Angry

If treating with Holocaust deniers is indeed wrong, which it is, then why are some Tories, Boris Johnson for one, choosing to do so at the East London Mosque then?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I'm with Jack Stone here. There have had to be a lot of sacrifices in Ulster ON BOTH SIDES to achieve the Peace we now have. I can see absolutely no point in raking up the past to settle old scores. What's done is dead and gone. Let us look forward in Ulster and not back.


Jack Stone, the phoney scourge of racism, makes excuses for the most murderous racist group in the British Isles. Jack also wants to appease the Taliban: no surprise there. The difference between the IRA and the BNP is that the IRA have frequently killed those who condemn them. Jack simply wants to save his own skin using the IRA's victims as a human shield. Compassionate Conservatism at its most squalid, like Munich and MacMillan handing over tens of thousands to be shot by Stalin and Tito.

Jean McConville, a widow with ten children, was tortured and killed by the IRA because she offered comfort to a dying British soldier. There can be no real peace without justice for the likes of her family, just as it was imperative to bring to justice the likes of Eichmann and Klaus Barbie.

renaissance costumes

@ Jack Stone,

If everyone will have a mentality like you do, the I guess everyone will just kill each other knowing that the will not be punished after all and all their mistakes will just be forgotten.


All you 'do gooders' make me vomit! How many of you served there? Not many I'll wager.

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