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February 16, 2010



What does she think it's been for the last 30 years? A pacifist commune?

David Lindsay

Hillary Clinton calls Iran a dictatorship. In Qatar. En route to Saudi Arabia, where she is legally forbidden to drive, as a woman. Or to vote, as a human being.

Satire is dead.


Nobody is listening to the America of Obama and Clinton any more. Never has an administration run out of ideas or steam so quickly. The US right is regrouping so powerfully that the next president will make Bush look like a namby-pamby leftie.


As Cato said, the Revolutionary Guard have always done the bidding of the supreme leader ever since the revolution so that Iran has always been a military dictatorship, albeit that the main purpose of the revolutionary Guard since the Iran-Iraq was has been the enforcement of theocratic rule.

The Iranian president is only responsible for part of the executive; military matters and foreign policy have always been reserved for the Supreme Leader, and it is the SL not Ahmedinejad who gets the final say on nuclear policy, although the Western media never seem to get that point.

Paddy 'O' Goldstein

Let's just hope they get their hands on a nuke in time to prevent the next war.

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