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December 14, 2009



I think the British electorate would be more impressed if he spent £150m on 'global warming/climate change' and £1.5bn on countering IEDs.

It doesn't add up...

That's a £50 per head bribe then?

Think This

Spending yet more money we dont have....

Jon Howarth


Well said Sir, and Bobsworth is likely to announce cuts of about 1.5 billion in the defence budget this afternoon, in a time of war and an already existing systemic shortfall in Armed Forces funding.

Until the election the boys are just going to have to suck it up, but the real question is whether Cameron will actually be any better because I have serious reservations that he really understands the importance of this issue.

If he does indeed 'get it' and fails to act then that confirms to me that we are heading for the Euro army scenario - why else would a sitting PM deliberately neglect the nation's defensive capabilities to the point that we become incapable of independent action?

We know Labour's game, but what exactly is in the Blue corner other than platitudes?

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