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September 19, 2009



Can we please hear some condemnation from the "Anti-Racism" industry ?. They managed to be extremely vocal during the Jade Goody / Shilpa Shetty affair so perhaps they might like to start some protests over this?.

It might also be useful if the Muslim Council of Britain could also organise some protests against this appalling announcement. They managed to organise protests against the mohammed cartoons, so this should be a relatively simple task. Denigrating the memory of over 6 million murdered Jews is far more important than cartoons of a 7th century warlord

Tony Makara

Ahmadinejad makes a comment about the holocaust, the West roars its outrage and then the Iranian president can turn around to all his people and say:

"Look how fervently these Western powers support the Zionists!"

The fact is Ahmadinejad is playing the West to shore up his own position and we fall for it every time,

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