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April 20, 2009


Ross Warren

"The "Really Inconvenient Truth" is that aggressive interrogation techniques did produce useful intelligence"

So that is what? A justification, an excuse to carry on with what we all know to be morally wrong.I have no problem with killing enemies, after all its us or them, but torturing is another matter.Its like Gas attacks, banned and quite rightly so. The trouble with loose talk like the above is that it puts every one of us in greater danger of being abused, should we become POW's. The real inconvenient truth is that a number of people should be put in prison for a very long time for these War Crimes.


I really do not have a problem with what the former CIA Director says, as i see it he speaks the truth and not the political correct lies that the left - wing subversives likes to speak about.

I for one have not lost much sleep knowing
that Islamist terrorists have gotten tough treatment from CIA.

Get real, Mr Warren, waterboarding is not torture !


Torture does not uncover the truth. Torture gets the person being tortured to say whatever will stop the torture. You see, as long as you understand this point you don't need to worry about all that tricky stuff about morality.

Joe Hutch

Was Michael Hayden waterboarded before making these comments? If not, how do we know he's telling the truth?

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