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April 06, 2009


Henry Mayhew - Ukip Friends of Islam

So that just leaves the posters on ConHome.

Sally Stevens

I don´t think it´s any of his business whether Turkey joins the European Union though.

We need to sort out our relationship with existing Islamic cultures before we invite an Islamic country to join and the United Kingdom certainly could not support another 500,000 people looking for work that doesn´t exist.

Mr Angry

Perhaps the USA is not at war with Islam, but some days it appears that Islam is at war with the rest of the world, whatever the left's "useful idiots" and other fellow travellers of the Islamofascists might want to believe.

Mr Angry

Oh and Henry, pray tell; Exactly how many members are there of UKIP friends of Islam?

Every UKIP voter I have come across on the doorstep seems to regard Islam in much the same way as the other fringe right wing parties do.

Jack Stone

Sally. It always amuses me that Torys think the country is in a terrible state and then when a new country joins the EU they assume that the entire population of that country will come straight over to the UK looking for work. Total nonsense of course.

Henry Mayhew - UKIP U NO WOT

OK, UKIP Friend of Islam, to be precise.


By the way, Turkey is a secular country.

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