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April 21, 2009


Tony Makara

One might even call it running away from the debate.

The world has to accept that Israeli foreign policy and its punitive assaults on non-jewish civilians does have a racist flavour. No surprise that the left is putting out posters proclaiming 'Jewish Nazi's out of Palestine'

This brings great shame to Jewish people.


"The world has to accept that Israeli foreign policy and its punitive assults on non-jewish civilians does have a racist flavour"
Perhaps Tony Makara can answer the following question.
What are the precise aims and objectives of any country's foreign policy?
How can foreign policy be 'racist'?
If a country's civilians are subject to attack by thousands of missiles fired indiscriminately from a neighbouring state, what is 'racist' about actions taken in self defence to protect its own people?
If any government has a duty to protect its own people, why is Israel uniquely 'racist' in taking this action.
I think Mr Makara should re-examine his own 'anti-racist' credentials.

Tony Makara

Keith, you run true to form. Anyone who is critical of Israel foreign policy is immediately labelled 'racist' or 'anti-semetic' which is an interesting concept seeing as the Jews don't claim to be a 'race' but claim they are merely a religious entity.

I don't support any act or terrorism be it Arabic or Israeli.


Tony, its you who runs true to form.

You havn't answered my questions and merely made blanket statements

I have to say the tenor of your original comments seem to amount to more than mere criticism of foreign policy.

Tony Makara

Keith, the world has grown tired of pro-Israel groups using terms like 'anti-semetism' and 'racism' to nullify any criticism of Israeli foreign policy.

What's more I personally find it disgusting that pro-Israel groups use the holocaust to stir up sympathy whenever Israel has carried out some international outrage. This is an abuse of the memory of those that perished as a result of genocide.

No-one is attacking Jewish people when the Israeli government sanctions the use of punitive violence against palestinan civilians. The criticism is aimed at the Israeli government and I think its a disgrace that pro-Israel groups try to make out that such criticisms are an attack on all Jewish people.

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