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March 26, 2009



What's this guy's problem? He seems to have been tortured by every nation he ends up in except for Britain, and it's Britain he's complaining about!

Emily Sedgefield

Before we start allowing him to claim his human rights against the world and his brother in regard to his torture, shouldn't we be finding out what he was doing with a false passport when he got arrested and why he was wandering around Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Honestly, he was quite prepared to not only deny innocents their human rights but their lives too!

This is all just too much, he's taking the rise out of the British Government and you are falling for it, hook, line and sinker!

Emily Sedgefield

From the Skynews Website :The man is Binyam Muhammad, aka Taiha al Kini, aka Foaud, aka Taha al Nigeri, aka John Samuel, an Ethiopian.

Who has FOUR NAMES unless they are up to something?

Politicians have no sense, no brain and no balls!

My 2 year old has more intelligence!


I agree with Emily and her two year old. I would add that, now that the world dominated by “human rights” for all, in conflicts with terrorists, be they Irish or Islamic, it is all much easier, cheaper and cleaner not to take prisoners.

Also, what is this failed asylum seeker doing in the UK and why is he being subsidised by the British taxpayers?

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