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January 07, 2009


Tory activist

This is very sad and shows the kind of people Hamas are and why they must be fought.


This is why it's important that British Jews are visible in their condemnation of Israel's warcrimes.

Alexi Sayle has already made the point that these atrocites (such as the bombing of the UN school yesterday) aren't being committed in his name.



I see. So we should condemn Israel - the only properly functioning free democracy in the Middle East and not Hamas - the scum who use schoolchildren as human shields?

And all to appease the mob who will target Jews over here?


Presumably those doing the targetting are militants resident in the UK who are permitted by the government to travel to training camps oversees to be thought the finer arts in bomb-making, assassination and sedition.
Once fully qualified they are then allowed to return here and tie up our counter-terrorist resources. It would be much simpler to bar their re-entry to this country or revoke their travel documents but, Labour is powerless to protect us thanks to its Human Rights legislation and rapacious lawyers.


'Properly functioning democracies' don't occupy other countries and herd the inhabitants into refugee camps.

And yes, Dave.

We should condemn Israel's war crimes. We should do so because they are evil, vicious, and counter productive.

Mr Angry

In just the same way as one man's "terrorist" is another man's "freedom fighter" (i.e. to the BBC and the Left Hamas are the latter not the former) so one man's "war crimes" are another man's "vital self defence". The Israeli actions in Gaza are the latter to many, including me.

Sam R

The only properly-functioning democracy in the Middle East, at its declaration of independence in 1948, was confronted by seven Arab armies. Dave, 1.56 must be referring to the occupation at that time of Judea and Samaria of the British Mandate by the British-led Arab Legion of Transjordan. As to the refugee camps - it was the same Arab "liberators" who ordered the unfortunate Arabs of the mandate to leave until they had "pushed the Zionists into the sea". And, while Israel was absorbing the Jewish people from at least sixty different countries, the Arabs, with very few exeptions, with all their petro-wealth, have not lifted a finger to help the Palestinian refugees (excepting the Iranians who are providing the wherewithall for Hamas and, earlier, Hizbollah to pursue their fiendish work. Strange that we hear about the bombing of a UN school - wonder how many Hamas "heroes" were hiding there? We don't hear about the deaths of unfortunate Gaza residents who have been the victims of malfunctioning rockets or of those that fell short of their intended civilian targets in Israel.


"Strange that we hear about the bombing of a UN school - wonder how many Hamas "heroes" were hiding there?"

Wonder no longer, Sam.

The UN have just confirmed that there were NO militants in the school.

Not a single one.

Obviously, that makes no difference to the Israeli army or its apologists (such as yourself).

However most sane and decent people find such war crimes abhorent.

That's why it's important for all people of all ethnic groups to voice their condemnation.


Mr Angry,

Even on a purely practical basis, Israeli actions can hardly be called self defence.

Any temporary gain they achieve through killing some militants is massively outweighed by the hatred their war crimes are engendering.

Hamas must be delighted.

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